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Babies love to move, and all actions are learning activities for them. As your baby tries new skills and masters them—standing, walking, climbing— our caregivers respond to his/her growing independence by giving them more complicated toys and materials to explore safely. From the moment infants are born, they're ready to learn through meaningful interactions with people who care for them. As your baby grows, our caregivers will be there helping them learn how to share, take turns, and treat others gently, they'll encourage and guide him when necessary.



We create a high-quality toddler environment by planning and creating spaces that support the development, engagement, and overall well-being of children. We carefully plan our toddlers' rooms to facilitate the development of positive relationships with nurturing, responsive adults who support learning and development. We also learn and partner with parents, as it is an important part of our planning process because it supports individualizing our setting to meet the needs of toddlers in our care.



Research tells us preschool-age children learn best in environments where they can have secure relationships with caring and responsive adults, where they feel safe, and where they feel free to explore and learn. Our Preschool classroom is organized into various learning areas where we plan invitations to play. We desire that it is a space where the students feel comfortable enough to try new things, test out their ideas, and carry through with whatever their imaginations can conceive. 

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