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​ ​At Clair Daycare, we get to know each child individually and work together to tailor a plan that works best for each child’s unique needs. We believe that all children are unique and require a stimulating environment for successful growth in all the domains of development. Considering that parents are the primary experts when it comes to their children, our success is in our ability to have an open line of communication with families and caretakers. We do not only respect their values, practices, and traditions, but families' input plays a significant role in how we shape our curriculum and instructions. In addition to emphasizing quality education that will enable successful growth in all the domains of development, we aim to let families know that we care about the “little” things. We care whether or not their children eat, take a nap, play, laugh, make friends, and are overall happy.

Health & Safety

Every child deserves the best possible start in life, with the opportunity to develop in a safe and secure environment. At Clair, parents can rest assured that their children will be getting the best possible experiences and are protected from harm at all times. ​ As reflected in our policy, our students and staff's health and safety are our top priority. We follow evidence-based practices that help keep children safe and healthy in our center. Among these are background checks, training for child care providers, and maintaining specific teacher-child ratios. In addition, we have established procedures in place, as required by the EEC, which include: Risk assessment, reporting of injuries and other occurrences, fire safety and fire risk assessment, emergency evacuation and other emergency procedures, outdoors/playground, etc.

  • How do I enroll my child?
    Click on the enrollment page from the menu options and submit a quick application. Once the application is received we will get in touch to schedule a tour!
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